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The Dance and Nature project is modelled particularly for transfusing the essence of dance into the essence of nature and the essence of nature into the essence of dance. The human being is integrally connected with nature however nowadays we have managed to disconnect from the power and the beauty that nature can offer us. Living in hectic busy metropolis has alienated us from the vital energy mother Earth open-heartedly and unconditionally offers. Now we are living in a time where we should make an effort to re-connect back to nature in this beautiful world. Elements refer to the wood, fire, earth, metal and water that encircle us wherever we go, however we rarely pay attention to relate and communicate. 

Vangelis has been teaching and spreading inter-disciplinary practices around the globe fusing dance with energy work and healing modalities for a holistic practice. Dance is the life and the spur of all other practices to learn and understand our inner and outer environments, to communicate in better ways and coexist in harmonious ways within a balanced body, mind and spirit eco-systems as well as with nature itself. His work, educational workshops and projects reach beyond art healing and energy work; they are workshops and projects for human evolution; for integrating and reconnecting with the self and other.


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